Adjust your tracking


Memories: fuzzy,
pixelated, rough, and vague
Adjust your tracking

With clarity comes
close examination of
Once blurry visions

Nothing is as it
seems – former thoughts lingering
Buoyed by crashing

Waves swell as the tide
rises and falls – fight back now
The war continues

Thinking thoughts anew
Same visions, different view
Perspective matters

Reality lies
With time comes truth: acceptance
The never ends

Battle plans and troops
Reinforcements are coming
Calm before the storm

The haze clouds your mind
Lines distorting the picture
Adjust your tracking

Nothing is as it
seems – it’s a matter of fact
Logic, facts, and truth

What is true is false
What is false is true – context
It’s all relative

You are enough, and
You are vital and worthy
Reclaim yourself now

The media lies
You are not getting the truth
Ignorance: not bliss

Defeat the monsters
of your mind with confidence

Despite what your thoughts
and others say: you’re precious
Remember this truth

Memories of a
life unlived – a life on pause
It’s time to press play

Focus the picture
Nothing is as it appears
Adjust your tracking

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